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Greta Rose
Greta Rose - lead vocals, percussion
As an accomplished vocalist, Greta has contributed an important part to the sound of TranceVision. Her experience in many different genres of music has shaped and formed her voice to step up to the occasion.

As a little girl, Greta used to sing in a wordless manner and she called this type of singing "Mulu". Turns out that "Mulu" also happens to be a gorgeous place in Malaysia and even has its own rainforest.

Pete Code
PC in a trance Pete plays keyboards, guitar, djembe, percussion, background vocals in TranceVision and is the all-around egomaniac in the studio in charge of engineering, producing & marketing the Vision.

He believes that Music's original purpose was to simply be heard and appreciated.

With that in mind... Enjoy our CD Lemuria!

" E X P E R I M E N T A T I O N   I S   L A W ! "

Greg Kaiser
Greg Kaiser Greg plays keyboards, keyboard bass in TranceVision and contributes to the compositions, arrangements and mixing of the songs. He has been playing with a wide variety of bands and artists in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area.

Additional bands and projects include his participation in popular bands like Mystic Vision, Reverend Karol King Kong, Frank Leto, Inner Force, Inka Inka, Dub Lab, Dub Nation, Tony Culture, King Shark and JADE.

Guest Musicians on the CD Lemuria

Tim Reynolds - rhythm & slide guitar, moogerfooger on Atom and Enertia

Kip Winger - fretless bass on Lemuria

Jono Manson - backing vocals on Phantom

Kim Hoeschler - vocals on Enertia

Robbie Rothchild - percussion on Atom

Jonathan Arthur - flute on Lemuria

Neparim Karemba - vocals on Lemuria

Roeland August - background vocals, powow drum & dumbek on Eden


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Band Reviews

Mind-expanding electronic tracks for the spiritually-inclined. Fused with worldly sound effects, these trance-inducing tracks combine gentle electronics with organic nuances and goddess-like female wails.
-- Melissa P.,

DEEP IN ISO CHAMBER SPOTLIGHT: TRANCEVISION World Music Stars TranceVision offer a unique blend of groove driven atmospheric sounds, coupled with vocal chants that evoke long forgotten memories of an enchanting past.

The music stirs images of Casteneda romping to the Nagual with Don Juan looking on in approval! Visions of purple mesas appear in my head. A sonic, cerebral, dream!

-- Guy Eckstine, MP3.COM


The music is deep, heavy, beautiful and takes you with it along a wonderful journey, spiraling down a linear path into the deepest parts of your self.

Greta Rose's vocals are penetrating. She uses her voice for a musical instrument, and it is like none you have ever heard. The music itself is wonderful, fascinating, but the voice, the voice of a mystical water sprite, a tree nymph, a siren, it calls to you and you cannot turn away.

I tried to think of someone that the band reminds me of, but it's just not there. They are cutting their own trail through the world of music, and it is a fantastic trail indeed. I guess if I have to come up with a comparison, it would be an Enya and Enigma mix.

-- Bill Bruedigam,

Reviews for Enertia

- epsylonic from Turner: I'm traveling through a future city of blue l..
Very techno-bluesy... I liked it. Very nice to chill out to. Reminds me of a late night cinemax movie. Good job.

- sixpoundslug from Auburn, California: Haunting vocals dances with delicious guitar...
This piece started with haunting introduction with very nice guitar, and surprised with beautiful vocal harmonies. The world-music rhythms were compelling, and built energy throughout the song. The guitar lead at the 2:50 point is very sweet, with tasteful, measured use of synthetic effects. Good interplay between the voice and the various instruments in the second half of the song.

- Dharmatom from Seven Corners: nice atmosphere
sort of pink floyd sounding opening, expansive and uplifting. the female vocal sounds good. some very nice ethnic touches and drum programming too. nice synth pads and atmospheres.

- messyman from Madrid, Spain: Sublime Musicianship
The intro is atmospheric and captivating with strong guitar sounds and modern layers providing an almost ethnic feel to the overall soundscape of the piece. The vocals are great and are at a good level within the mix. The percussion is fresh and dynamic enough to compliment the natural atmosphere within the track. In my opinion, the song is possibly a minute too long and may lose some listeners, but this was still a really great track. The better of the two I reviewed, excellent material.

- Misnomer from Southend, Essex, United Kingdom: not bad
man with this tune u can make a beautiful trance song if u can work on it and make a trance remix of it trust me its beautiful keep up the good work

- krayzie_Leb from Melbourne/Limassol/Beirut, Victoria/Cyprus/Lebanon, Australia: ok
Nice fade-in intro. It's your standard trancey relax track, but the production is abnormally good. I see no faults, but it's not my style.

- cbatts from St. Paul, Minnesota: PLAY IT AGAIN
I like the vocals. Nice vibe-sort of a world shoegazer.

- WaveRider from E.Northport, New York: ultra-pro, downtempo goodness!
Trippy intro, i like it, and the gorgeous vocals! I'm also a big fan of the downtempo groove this track rides along on. I must say that this sounds ultra-pro and should be at the top of the GB charts!

- miggybot from San Francisco, California: west coast soothing

Reviews for Eden

- phenomena from Las Vegas, Nevada beautiful vocals - I enjoyed the vocals. Very sweet and melodic with lots of trippy effects. All around well produced track. Keep up the Great work.

- danorips from San Francisco nice work - Cool tribal feel. great production and vocal performance

- shannasmusic from Bakersfield, California Voodoo Ritual Music - Interesting use of vocals. It's kind of freaky. Love the ethnic sounding instrument in the middle.

- mattj from St Louis
this should have been on the saint soundtrack - this honestly sounds like a motion picture soundtrack. i think its very well made. good job.

- Justine7 from Las Vegas, Nevada
Trance - Middle eastern, Dead Can Dance feel. Cool whispering. Very dancey...

- Chris_MacIntosh from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
Drum n' Vocal - Nice piece of work!! I like the vocals in it for sure!!!...

- heater from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 1 Spacey Exotic Trance
The Sweet Hereafter - If you haven't seen any of Atom Egoyan's films (The Sweet Hereafter, Exotica in particular), see them and send him your stuff. Great mood and better than average indie trance.

- kentonmckay from Stettler, Alberta, Canada: interesting tune
I Love the exotic vocal sounds on this track!!!!! The spacy, chill-out beat really adds, too!

- than6 from Washington, Pennsylvania: Eastern feel
good groove goin on. nice ues of vocals. They relly add alot to the overall mood of this song. real nice.

- digital_screams from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Creeping in on you...
I like the ethnic feel to this, very Dead Can Dance, Deep Foresty...

Reviews for Atom

- talkingwithtonz from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: LORD OF THE RINGS non OST This song is very well mastered. Frequencies shine and the mix is wide and clear. Excellent vocals, beautifully sung. Instruments sound pretty good together and I get a very "in nature" like feeling or mood as I listen.

- lepinard from Unspecified: Great track!
Human-voiced keyboards, a bel canto female voice, well that reminds me of ERA...

- SunburnTrance from Macon, Georgia: The type of song you might meet in a dark all..
Cool pads at the beginning and nice vocals. The opera was amazing! Very well blended! Mixing was excellent! Strings went very well with it all! All these elements made the track solid and emotive, making me listen to the track more. So far very impressed. The mood is subtle and natural. the vocals are kicking in. Maybe they could have been turned up a notch? I don't know, and don't care! This is excellent! Sounds a little bit like something maybe Enigma would make, but not quite him. I like this better. Very romantic atmosphere. A love-making track. Great work! I give it a 5! Glad to have the opportunity to review it! I'll no doubt add it to my playlist and keep checking you out!

- SecretVenison from Tremonton, Utah: rich full sound, is enthralling
Hold on, I think I'm getting a message from God - oh, no, it's just the song. Not a bad intro, a bit long. This is one of those songs that is all intro. The vocals are nice, though. It has a bit of a Jean-Michael Jarre sound. Very mellow, but not really relaxing. Like maybe there is a monster sneaking up behind me and this is the soundtrack. Now I'm scared. Stupid monsters!

- cosmodrome from Lawrence, Kansas: Totally nuclear fusion
Are the female vocals sampled or performed? Either way, they sound good, the effects on the guitar and its blurring between the vocals is a good thing. Synth parts sound good. Good pads...

- SteveHoward from Huntington Beach, California: It is good.
This is quite an ensemble and assembly of sounds and styles. Very creative production and arrangement. Great job!